Namibia route planner. A Southern Namibian road trip

By on April 9, 2015

Road trip 400A road trip is on most adventure seekers bucket list especially in Namibia.

This Namibia route planner will take in all the most important attractions and natural wonders of Southern Namibia.

It includes the impressive Fish River Canyon, the quaint town of LüderitzKolmanskop (The old diamond mining Ghost Town), Wild horsesQuiver Tree Forest, Duwiseb Castle, the Lithops collection at our lodge and Ai Ais hot springs.

Fish River Canyon, as part of your Namibia route planner "must see" attractions

If you are travelling to Southern Namibia from any of the South African boarders or Windhoek a perfect starting point would be Alte Kalköfen Lodge. The central location, beautiful surrounds, peaceful ambience and proximity to various important attractions makes it an ideal first stop.

The lodge is located 300 kms from the South African boarders; Nakop or Vioolsdrift, 100 kms from Keetmanshoop and 590 kms from Windhoek.

Not only will you be able to rest and recover from your busy lives in extreme comfort before you head off on some big adventures but you will also be able to use us as your base for day visits to any of the following attractions:

  • Quiver tree forest, Giants playground and Messasouros park (130 km)
  • Fish River Canyon (East side 150 kms & West side 100 km)
  • Duwiseb castle (130 km)

Win nights at Alte Kalkofen as part of your Namibia route planner

After that, the following route planner summary could work really well for your next trip to Southern Namibia. Allow 10 days at least, preferably two weeks to give you two / three night stops in each location. The complete route is roughly 1000 kms from and back to the Namibian border (not taking in account distances to hot spots). Expect the longest journey from Windhoek this route is very manageable.

Southern Namibia Route Planner:

  1. Namibian border (200 kms) / Windhoek (590 kms) – stay 2 nights in the area of the Fish River Canyon’s / Ai-Ais Hot springs.
  2. Alte KALKöFEN lodge (150 kms) – stay at least 3 nights and visit the Quiver tree forest, Giants playground, Messasouros park near Keetmanshoop – approximately 130 kms from the lodge and Duwiseb castle – 130 kms from the lodge. During your stay make time to enjoy the plant collection at the lodge and go for a walk on our famous red-route hiking trail!!!
  3. Lüderitz (230 kms) – stay 2 nights and visit Diaz cross, Kolmanskop and other surrounding attractions.
  4. Rosh-Pinah to the area of Noordoewer (390 kms) – stay 2 nights along the Orange river for river rafting.
  5. Turn back to Windhoek / RSA.  

To read up about some of the surrounding attractions we have mentioned, or if you would rather not drive too far and use Alte Kalköfen Lodge as a base to visit key attractions in the area go to our surrounding attractions page.