The story behind Alte Kalköfen

Alte Kalköfen Lodge was envisaged and constructed to firstly conserve fauna and flaura in their natural habitat and secondly, to bring the experience of nature to mankind whilst maintaining the ecosystem of the area.

Ecological Practices are implemented in managing the fragile environment with every effort being made to keep nature & man in harmony.

The Lodge is situated on the farms Sandverhaar and Simplon in the Karas Region, Namibia. Read more here about the Sandverhaar.

We still have the old purchase contract signed by my father in 1989 for the land – Frikkie

What is a “Kalkofen”?

The name of the lodge was derived from the two old lime stone ovens on the farm. All information shows that these ovens are the two oldest ovens in our country and that the lime stone industry started on our farm. The one with the rock around (near the lodge) was built in 1906 by George Kottker (umlaut on o please) – he was a German Schutztruppe. He was married to Frieda Mueller who’s family came from the town Simplon in Switzerland (she named our farm Simplon after the village where her family came from). The other oven (7 km from our lodge) was built in the late 1800’s. The lime that was produced out of these ovens was, amongst others, being used to build buildings in Kolmanskop, Lüderitz, Keetmanshoop and other small towns in the South. The 1906 oven operated up to the 1970’s.